'This is the beginning of a beautiful clownship.'
I want to teach in the best conditions. I would lose a lot of energy if I organised the workshops by myself. Therefore, I have delegated some tasks to another person. I was looking for an agent for two years, until I found the best one.

Behind each agent there is a person, and I think it's more important the real person than their position. That's why I present her in a warm and close way.

My agent is Lisa, from Berlin (Germany). I have had the pleasure to meet Lisa in one of my workshops. We kept in contact and now we are friends. She is a great musician! I considered several persons for this job, and I really like the decision I took. Lisa is a very nice person and very professional. I'm sure you will love to deal with Lisa.

The signed contract between Lisa and Ray.

Now I pass the floor to Lisa:

Hi lovely people,

my name is Lisa and I am very happy to support Ray spreading Clowning in the World, because it was such a great experience forme to find my inner clown and it is so fun to play with it – so I want other people to have the chance to experience the same!

Right now, I am studying Bachelor of Occupational Science (Ergotherapie) in Berlin and it is my goal to combine Occupational Therapy and Juggling/Circus/Clown after I finish my studies. Therefore, I try to get as much inspiration and learn as much about teaching, therapy and what motivates people and makes them the most happy as possible. :o)

For you to get to know my salad of different performance-vegetable-experiences I gonna summarize my artistic life for you:

My first circus performance was actually in primary school when I showed my classmates a magic show I learned from a book I got as a christmas present. One year later I convinced my classtmates to do a dance performance for a school celebration of Nenas „99 Luftballons“, with no, not 99 but 9 ballons with helium. It was great fun!

In highschool I met jugglers for the first time and I knew, this is what I want to do! I joined the circus groupe organised by a teacher and learned to ride a unicycle, Rola Bola, walking a ball with one or two people or do rope skipping on it, juggling with Balls, Rings and Clubs and creating first performances- and actually perform in kindergardens, other schools, street festivals and eldery homes!

I also got experience in teaching circus as I became the co-leader of the group. I also participated in the workshop „resolving conflict“, and later on did the JuLeiCa training (a well known youth leader training in Germany). From there on I used to do workshops for children in my town each automn together with friends.

Then I actually got more into theatre and joined a project from ‚Goethe Theater‘ at my school with the performance of „Ich bin eine gro├če Sache“ and a musical project where I played the main character of an egyptian princess who wants to be free from the strict rules of the life of a princess, and to decide who she wants to marry.

In 2012 I started my own theatre project with my friend Nora from Breitenbach 'abgrundtiefes.theater'.

Then I spent one year in China where I got lots of inspiration and power among other things while learning Kung Fu for one month in 'YunTaiShan International Martial Arts School'.

Since 2013, I live in Berlin where I got back to juggling joining the manipulation laboratory of Stefan Sing, training and joining juggling conventions.

In 2015, I gave a three day workshop to children at 'Palestine Circus School' from age 5-11. In the same year I gave at 10 week therapeutic juggling workshop to a group of people with psychological disorders. It was a great succes, they actually asked to prolong the workshop.

My first contact with clowning was when I met Ray during the workshop in Brunico in 2016. Back in Berlin -very inspired and motivated to try out more - I joined a 5 day Clown-Workshop by Peter Sweet where I got to meet my inner Clown „Beatrice“.

Since November 2016 I started performing aswell (solo act juggling balls/clubs).

I am looking forward to get your messages, and I will do my best to help you with your request.

Lisa and Ray at the end of an unforgettable music session.