'Keep your friends close, but your clown closer.'
Here I will write the experiences and philosophies about my life style that interest people most. Be patient, I will write it little by little.

In 2011 I broke up with ordinary life to travel around the world, living in a camper van that I made by myself. The nomad living changed my life.

I have visited 43 countries. I have friends from everywhere. I have lived great new experiences. I have learnt a lot about real life. My mind is so open now.

Life is different than what the system teaches us. It is awesome. Earth, animals, nature and human beings are amazing. Most of the population are nice persons. Hating is an illusion...

I'm not special. I followed the rules of the system as well. I'm not braver than you. I didn't change suddenly my life. If I could, you can.

Imagine that a doctor tells you that you will die in 2 years. Will you change something in your life? If so, why aren't you trying to change it? Analyse what you want to change in your life and work to get it. Probably you can't change it just right now because you have responsibilities or you don't have the means that you need now. It doesn't matter. You have more than 2 years, at least for now.

If you don't like your job, look for another one that you love. Don't complain if you aren't looking for another one (that means that you accept it).

Don't say you don't have money to enjoy life if you waste your money in tobacco, drugs, unnecessary clothes and stuff,...

We are living in a capitalist system. We need to buy food, stuff and services to live. We need money for that. To get the money we need to work giving our time. So, Life = Time = Money. If you waste your money, you are wasting your time.

... ... To be continued.

Conference in Bucharest, Romania.