'Clowns? Where we're going we don't need clowns.'
My happy camper van.
I created this section to let you know where I'm gonna be, because I am a nomad living and travelling in a camper van.

This is the route I have done since November 2011:

My route since 2011/Nov.
Clic to get the map in full size, in a new tab or window.

Why I want you to know where I am? Because it would be nice to organise workshops on my way. There are two great reasons:
  • Because it is good for me: I love living in my van and I prefer to visit your town with my little house than taking a plane.
  • Because it is good for you: If I take a plane, the workshop will be more expensive.

So, if you want me to run a workshop in your town, ask me if I'm going to visit your country soon.

  • 20-21 Jan: Workshop in Leipzig (Germany).
  • 27-28 Jan: Workshop in Praha (Czechia).
  • 03 Feb: Hospital Clowns in Praha (Czechia).
  • 10 Feb: Workshop in Brno (Czechia).
  • 13 Feb: Workshop for children in Brno (Czechia).
  • 15-16 Feb: Workshop for children in Bratislava (Slovakia).
  • 16 Feb: Conference in Bratislava (Slovakia).
  • 17-18 Feb: Workshop in Bratislava (Slovakia).
  • 19 Feb: Workshop for a Dance School in Bratislava (Slovakia).
  • 23 Feb: Conference in Budapest (Hungary).
  • 24-25 Feb: Workshop in Budapest (Hungary).
  • 03-04 Mar: Workshop in Graz (Austria).
  • 10-11 Mar: Workshop in Ljubijana (Slovenia).
  • 17-18 Mar: Workshop in Villa Estense (Italy).
  • 24-25 Mar: Workshop in Cremona (Italy).
  • 03-04 Apr: Workshop in Sachne (Israel).
  • 13-14 Apr: Workshop in Tel-Aviv (Israel).

Spring/Summer workshops: https://goo.gl/maps/ovEVe9aVxFF2
  • 10-13 Mai: Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany).
  • 19-20 Mai: MĂșnchen (Germany).
  • 26-27 Mai: Chemnitz(Germany).
  • 02-03 Jun: Nothing!
  • 09-10 Jun: Copenhagen (Denmark).
  • 16-17 Jun: Hamburg (Germany).
  • 23-24 Jun: Leuven (Belgium).
  • 31-01 Jun-Jul: Luxembourg (Luxembourg).
  • 07-08 Jul: OrlĂ©ans (France).
  • Azores Islands (Portugal).

Autumn workshops:
  • Misk (Belarus).
  • Vilnius (Lithuania).
  • Bulgary.

Anyway, clowntact me and ask me how to organise a workshop in your town. I can change my plans! :o)